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Fall 2017
JULY 16, 2016 CDC was crowned
California Dance Center {CDC} is one of the most remarkable dance studios on the West Coast.
Founded in 1987 in beautiful Culver City, California, it has become a major force in the dance community.
1991 to 2008 CDC was ranked International Dance Champions of the Western United States.  
2009 CDC changed its focus and competed on the regional and national level within the United States achieving amazing results.
         2013 Ranked #1in the nation--Teen Trios & Small Groups
         2014 Ranked #1in the nation--Junior Trios & Small Groups
           2015 Ranked #1 in the nation--Junior Large Groups
         2015 Ranked #1 in the nation--Adult Soloists
         2016 Ranked #1 in the nation--Adult Soloists
         2016 Ranked #1 in the nation-Junior Small Groups
Moreover, CDC offers classes in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, and Praise Dance to young people ranging in age from 4 to 18.
Moreover, students entering CDC with "no previous dance training"  have worked hard and become members of the CDC Dance Team leading our organization to national status.
We do not discriminate, and our students thrive in a multi-cultural atmosphere.  Our philosophy is:"If you want to dance, we will work with you"!
CDC dancers have toured the western United States, toured western Canada, and given command performances in Cancun, Mexico!
Praise Dance has also taken CDC dancers to various parts of the country. Performing at major religious conventions has made CDC Praise Dancers a staple in the Christian Community.
CDC's Scholarship Program makes a lot of these accomplishments possible. Since its inception in 1990, CDC has given more than1,000 dance scholarships to deserving students.
Students graduating from CDC's Scholarship Program are currently attending USC, UCLA, Cal Arts, University of New York at Purchase, Clark-Atlanta University, and UNLV.  Also, many graduates have achieved advanced degrees in Education, Therapy, and Theatre Arts.
Remember:If you want to be a diva on the dance floor or a success in life, spend time with CALIFORNIA DANCE CENTER!
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